About AFN

Who are we and What we do !

Who are we?

AFN is a public charitable trust formed under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 by a group of selfless, genuine, like-minded, committed, and enthusiastic individuals hailing from different professional backgrounds with a common desire to nurture and spread social consciousness.

Our Vision

To Provide Assistance (Sahaaya) to People in Distress (Aapat).

Our Mission

  • To develop ‘social consciousness’.
  • To work in areas of education for rural, tribal, government, and needy children.
  • To support disaster management activities for natural calamities.

AFN’s Objectives:

  • 9To unite like minded people for a social cause.
  • 9To enhance social consciousness in today’s youths.
  • 9To identify specific needs of various social organizations and synergize resources to meet those needs.
  • 9To work in areas of Education and Career for challenged individuals.
  • 9To contribute towards a safe and healthy living environment.

AFN’s Activities:

Aapatsahaaya Foundation’s (AFN’s) boundary of activities spans from periodical visits to different special homes (orphanages, old age homes, etc.) on a monthly basis which is called “Connect to Community” (CTC) program to accomplishing medium-scale projects like school kit, emergency healthcare, etc.

After detailed socio-financial due diligence of the need, CTC visits, events & projects are implemented

Materials (Sādhanā)


School Kits (Uniforms, Shoes, Bags, Notebooks, Stationaries, etc)


Benches & Desks


Computers / CCTV cameras


Library Books


Teacher’s Salary / Support

Teaching (Sādhyā)

Literary, Sports and Cultural Competitions

Educational Tours

Yoga & Value Education Camps

Exam-oriented Coaching Classes for 5/6/7/10th Std.

Preparatory Exams & Counseling Guidance

Disaster Support

Relief Activities in Kerala & Kodagu district during Floods Disaster (2018 & 2019)

Flood Relief Activities in Chennai, during 2016

Flood Relief Activities in Karnataka, during 2009